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Fire Doors

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With Todd Doors, safety combines with style in our range of fire doors. Our great range of fire doors features many different designs and finishes to beautifully complement your home or business. We use only the highest quality materials and robust engineered techniques to make sure that our fire doors fulfil fire door requirements while adding safety, style and value to your home.


Was £239.00 Now from £191.20


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Was £299.00 Now from £254.15


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ISEO K4500 OAK (FD30)

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1930 4-PANEL (FD30)

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Was £169.00 Now from £152.10

ORTA K8500 OAK (FD30)

Was £219.00 Now from £197.10

What are fire doors?

Fire doors are rigorously manufactured doors with a solid core and are made of materials that are slow to burn. Intumescent strips run around the rim of the door to ensure a tight fit. All Todd Doors’ fire doors are FD30 rated, which means that they can withstand flames and prevent the spread of smoke for 30 minutes longer than a standard door.

Can I choose any style of door as a fire door?

For many years, fire doors had a rather negative impact on interior aesthetics, especially from a designer’s point of view. With Todd Doors, you don’t have to choose between the beautiful design you want or a fire door for safety… instead, you can have both!
Almost all the 450 original designs at Todd Doors are available with matching fire doors, including glazed doors, which means that you don’t have to compromise on style over safety.

Are fire doors a legal requirement?

According to Building Regulations, fire doors are legally required in commercial buildings such as offices, schools and hospitals. They are also a requirement in domestic dwellings that are a part of a block of flats above two levels, where a door leads into an integral garage and in houses with loft conversions (speak to your local council if you are unsure).

Where should fire doors be fitted? When and where are they required in houses?

In terms of where to fit fire doors in your house for your safety and peace of mind, it’s recommended to install a fire door in rooms where a fire is most likely to start, such as a kitchen or a room with a fireplace. Bedrooms should also be fitted with fire doors in case a fire breaks out while you are asleep.

How are fire doors constructed?

Fire doors have a solid timber construction and are designed to resist the smoke and flames of a fire for a minimum specified length of time. All Todd Doors fire doors are FD30 rated, which means that they can withstand flames and prevent the spread of smoke for 30 minutes longer than a standard door. Our FD30 fire doors are usually 44mm thick, compared to a standard door thickness of 35mm.
The typical fire door is assembled with fire-resistant parts – door leaf/leaves, doorframe, hardware (e.g. locks, latches, hinges, etc.), smoke/intumescent seals and an automatic closing device – also called a fire doorset.

Which way should a fire door open?

Fire doors can be opened inwards or outwards, as long as it is within the building regulations and will not obstruct people from exiting the building in a hurry.

How much do fire doors cost on average?

They may be a little more expensive, but the additional benefits certainly make the investment worthwhile, even though we all hope that a fire will never happen. The price will vary depending on factors such as quality, material and size. At Todd Doors, almost all of the 450 original designs are available with matching fire doors, including glazed doors. This means that you don’t have to compromise on style over safety.
Also, our three ranges (Essentials, Todd Doors and Charles Todd) have been developed to meet every budget. Our fire door prices start from as little as £85. Check out our range here.

Why do fire doors need to be kept shut?

Fire doors are one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your home from fire. They help to slow the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, giving you valuable time to allow the emergency services to get you out safely and/or give you time to find an alternative way out, as well as limiting the damage to your house. Therefore, it is essential to keep fire doors shut at all times.
It is also recommended that you keep fire doors free from items being stored near them. Fire doors can only prevent fire from spreading (and slow down the process) if they are closed.

What do I need to know about installing fire doors?

Fire doors can be crucial in saving your life, but only when they are fitted correctly. We strongly advise using an experienced joiner who knows how to fit a fire door. Incorrectly installed fire doors may only provide 5-10 minutes of fire resistance. It is essential to follow all the fitting instructions as well as keeping them closed at all times.
If you want to find out more about fire doors please call one of our Door Experts: 0800 633 50 50