Voucher Discount Codes

At Todd Doors we always strive to have the very best prices available, online, in-store by phone or mobile! Did you know that we even have a Price Match Guarantee which you can find further information about - as a result we never publish online discount or voucher codes.

There are many different online discount or voucher codes websites, who from time to time publish out of date or misleading codes which we do not endorse nor accept - for this we apologise. We do however, from time to time, use voucher or discount codes when advertising on TV or Radio to help us understand the success of a particular campaign.

When we do this the following Terms & Conditions apply:

Voucher or Discount Codes that are advertised to help understand the success of an initiative will always have a published valid from, and to, date. Minimum spend thresholds will typically be applied and when in use are inclusive of VAT at the current rate but exclusive of the customers chosen delivery method and associated charges. In all cases a Voucher or Discount code can only be applied to the first order placed by a customer, subsequent orders cannot benefit from the same Voucher or Discount code, nor can they be used in conjunction with any other Voucher or Discount code.

Information above correct as of 01/05/2024.

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