Our Finishing Service

Our Finishing Service

We supply our external doors and frames pre-finished but customers can still choose an appropriate stain or colour from our colour range to suit their taste or property. The standard of finishing of our products when undertaken historically by third parties outside of our control has sometimes given us and our customers cause for concern and not necessarily realised the full potential of installations. There is a huge difference between a brushed finish and a professionally sprayed finish and we are delighted that we can now offer to finish customers’ products prior to supply. We have regained some control over the quality of the materials used and the final protection offered and can offer a wide range of standard colours, or can work with special colours where required.

Prior to any finish being applied our team will machine and hand sand the entire surface of the door to remove any contaminants or blemishes, the door will then have any end grain sealed to prevent moisture penetration or uneven paint absorption.

Once we are happy with the finish on the raw door it will receive its base coat of stain or paint, the door will then move along a conveyor system to the purpose made drying room where it will begin a 16 hour drying process, typically overnight.

Our staff will then inspect the quality of the first coat and the item will be hand sanded again to prepare the surface ready for the next coat of finish to be applied. The door or frame will then go through the spray process again with the film thickness of the first top coat being checked for consistency and optimum coverage using a wet film gauge. Once any necessary adjustments have been made it’s back to the drying room for another overnight stay.

The finish is checked again and the door has receives its third hand sanding followed by a third and typically final coat of finish. It is then rested for a few days to allow full drying prior to wrapping and dispatch.

The labour involved in the finishing process is immense but we believe that it makes a significant difference to the longevity and overall appeal of an installation and is therefore worth the effort. Please talk to a Door Expert today about your finishing requirements.

Our Joinery Services

When opening our St Albans showroom in April 2013 we were able to realise a long-held ambition to increase the scope and capacity of our existing joinery team. To this end we have built and equipped a workshop, spray booth and drying room.

Our team of five full-time in-house carpenters are trained to modify and adapt existing products and build up door sets on a bespoke basis. These can then be fully finished by us prior to being delivered out to customers.

Services that we undertake include, finishing of internal and external doors (excluding pre-finished doors), rebating of internal doors, glazing of unglazed external doors, and building external pre-hung door sets. Our Door Experts will always do their best to find you the most cost effective products from Todd Doors and our Joinery Centre increases our ability to service the more complicated and technical enquiries.

Our range of doors and accessories typically fit the majority of applications, on occasions where bespoke product is needed we are able to source a wide range of doors and frames. Our new Joinery Centre now enables us to further enhance our offering by creating an opportunity to fine tune and build our beautiful doors and accessories into ready to fit assemblies.

Our pre-hung external door set service allows us to machine a customer’s chosen products and assemble them into a fully functional door set with multi point locking and other fitted accessories such as pull handles and letter boxes. Once we have assembled a door set and tested it we dismantle it into component parts and then fully finish each element prior to reassembly and testing preceding delivery to site.

For any more information with regards to our finishing and joinery services please call 0800 633 5050 and speak to one of our dedicated Door Experts for help or advice. Alternatively contact us through our live chat feature or email us on enquiries@todd-doors.co.uk.

Our Door Experts are alaways on hand to help with any questions or queries you may have about any of our products. You can contact us using the methods below.

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