Internal Doors

It’s time to think differently about your internal doors!
You will have given many hours of consideration to the interior look and feel of your home and now it is time to include your interior doors in your planning.
Correctly chosen and fitted internal doors will not only complement your home but will also enhance the overall look and feel that you’re looking to create. An internal door is far more than just something functional, an interior door should be considered like a fine piece of furniture.
Whether you are looking for an interior door with subtle, timeless charm from our more traditional ranges or for something attention grabbing from our many razor sharp designer internal door styles, Todd Doors are certain to be able to provide you with the perfect internal doors to your personal taste.
There are 100’s of different interior door designs available to you with features such as decorative raised mouldings – adding depth and substance to your door, or Stainless Steel inlays - contrasting cutting edge internal door designs, with bevelled edge, opaque and even acid etched glazing options – further enhancing the style of your chosen internal doors.   Completing our collection are heavyweight 40mm, super safe 44mm fire doors & matching French doors -  beautiful interior timber doors for you to choose from and which will provide you with the peace of mind that you and your family should enjoy.
Are you looking for the very best? From the traditional character of our Cardinal Range of internal doors available in a variety of timbers such as Oak and Walnut to the undoubtedly stylish Nero & Grigio Ranges featuring Charcoal Oak and Grey Coto veneers, our Platinum Collection of interior doors are products of exceptional quality.
With over 15,000 beautiful doors in stock, many of which are available for immediate UK wide delivery, we are undoubtedly the UK’s No.1 for interior doors, both in-store and online.