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The History of Todd Doors



It was 1952 when Charles Albert Todd - who was a shopfitter by trade - decided to sell the off-cuts of timber and plywood left over from his day job. He set up a shop from the garage alongside his bungalow in Northolt and soon realised that this was a better business venture than going out to work on sites and so he put all his energy into building a thriving store.

Amoungst selling a selection of building materials, sharpening shears and selling corrugated plastic sheeting, Charles Todd supplied approximately 200 doors every six months.


The business grew from supplying timber and doing small scale joinery work, including making the occasional door, into sharpening shears and selling corrugated plastic sheeting for leantos and carports. Charles’ son, John Todd, began working alongside him throughout, training to be a carpenter himself.


Since 1952 there has always been a Todd Doors somewhere on the main road in Northolt. Even throughout its expansion the company has maintained its presence in this area of West London.


John Todd takes his father’s place as the head of the Todd Doors business. Having trained alongside his father as a carpenter John looked to build the business up with new premises and a more impressive business output.


John Todd moved the Todd Doors business from the small shack next to Charles’ bungalow to brand new premises in Northolt.

In 1974 John Todd became a father to a baby boy. He named his son Matthew.

It is not only doors that can be found here. At Todd Doors we also sell architrave, skirting, door lining kits, locks, hinges, porch canopies, bi-fold and tri-fold doors, sliding pocket door systems, door furniture and handles.


During the 1980’s it became clear that Todd Doors needed to expand it’s product range to cater for the ever-growing business’ customer demands. New doors were stocked, different veneers such as Oak, Walnut and Pine became avaliable. French doors and bespoke services were also new additions to the companies line of quality products.


For the second time since taking his father’s place as head of the Todd Doors business John Todd moves the company to another new location, still on Church Road in Northolt. This property was to become the main Todd Doors showroom, and to this day still stands as that, at the same address on Chruch Road.

Pictured here are three generations of the Todd family to continue the Todd Doors legacy. Charles, his son John and his grandson Matthew Todd.

In 1955 Charles Todd supplied approximately 200 doors every six months. Now in 2015 Todd Doors sell approximately 2,000 per week as well as door furniture, hinges, skirting and architrave.


The late nineties saw the first ever Todd Doors exhibition. Matthew began working alongside his father and gaining first hand experience within the growing company.


In 2004 John Todd retired and his son Matthew became the third generation to run Todd Doors and continue the successful legacy. With an ambitious expansion programme, including the development of new showrooms, Matthew began to push Todd Doors onto new horizons.

The 35,000 square feet of warehousing at Todd Doors head office is large enough to hold a boeing 747 aircraft.


In 2009 Todd Doors opened it’s Dorset showroom, with 2 floors of stunning door displays alongside an extensive range of door furniture and 25,000 sq. ft. of warehousing.


Furthermore in 2013 Todd Doors opened a new St. Albans showroom, showcasing beautiful doors along with a Spray Finishing facility and a Joinery Centre. This enabled further expansion of Todd Doors capabilities, and allowed for alteration and bespoke services to be performed.


The product range at Todd Doors expanded and became categorized into three, recognizable brands that allow each customer to identify their exact requirements for their perfect door. Each brand adheres to a set of principles that are tailored to each customer’s needs, be it quality products at superb value or bepsoke services and customized individuality.

Matthew’s grand expansion plans have taken Todd Doors from strength to strength and in 2015 the company head office moved from the Northolt showroom on Church Road, across to Belvue Road in Northolt. This new complex facilitates the head offices, 35,000 sq. ft. of warehousing, a customer lounge, and the new customer collection centre allowing for purchase collection without delivery. From these new premises Todd Doors continues its expansion with a new showroom opening in High Wycombe at the end of 2015.