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External Doors

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Make a great first impression with beautifully designed and high quality External Doors. At Todd Doors, we are dedicated to providing you with exterior doors that not only look stunning, but are also durable and robust. Our range of external doors features a variety of designs, from statement-making styles to period doors. These exterior doors are guaranteed to provide a striking entrance to your home.

What is external door furniture?

Todd Doors offers a comprehensive selection of quality door furniture suitable for external doors for both home and businesses. Our broad range of door furniture includes door handles, door knobs, hinges, letter plates, bell pushes, numbers and letters and locks, available in a wide range of styles, finishes and sizes.
We are confident that our unique portfolio of door furniture will inspire you, exceed your expectations and be within your budget. Find the perfect finish for your doors and make your home look extra stylish.

Why do exterior doors open inwards?

External front doors can be hung to open inwards or outwards. Todd Doors frames are designed to open inwards (especially for Oak frames) as this is the most secure way to have a door and the most popular too. However, our RHP frames and upcoming essentials frames are reversible, which means that the frame can be assembled and fitted to open either inwards or outwards.
There are benefits to having a door that opens inwards:

  • Opening inwards prevents the door from drilling or breaking off the pivot of the hinge and taking the door completely off its hinges. However, the hinges we use in our door sets are concealed hinges that do not show on either side and so could be used for inwards or outwards openings. These hinges make it easier to seal against draughts and water entry.
  • Opening inwards prevents the door from opening into people’s faces.
  • An outward opening door can be caught by the wind and snatched away from your hand, smashing into whatever is in its path. An inward opening door cannot be affected in this way.