Wallpaper trends to lead you into Autumn

One quick and easy update to make to a room is to add wallpaper – it gives an instantly new atmosphere and energy. For a long time the hottest trend was to use wallpaper to create feature walls – either papering alcoves, chimney breasts or a single wall behind a bed or sofa within a room. Now? There are no rules. Wallpaper a whole room, go for a single wall or three-out-of-four, line inside a glass-fronted cabinet or even make a feature of your ceiling. After that it’s a simple case of choosing your design. To help you, here’s my pick of the latest trends in the vast and varied world of wallpaper.


Graph paper wallpaper Wallpaper Trends CKR Todd Doors

Image from Eco Wallpaper http://www.eco.se/en/


Fine lined graph

Remember the jotters you used to use at school? The beautiful graph paper that we’re all nostalgic about still? For the brand Engblad & Co, design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune have created just that sort of retro look. It’s a fine-lined design that looks architectural but softer, more decorative, and thus can work in almost any situation. I’d love to line a kitchen or a kid’s room in this and it’s a great way of bringing pink into the home in the most subtle way.

Origami wallpaper Wallpaper trends TT Todd Doors

Image from Tracey Tubb  http://www.traceytubb.co.uk/gallery/gallery_origami_folded_wallpaper.html


Paper texture

If a wallpaper invites you to run your hands through it then it’s on-trend for the textured look. Designer Tracey Tubb’s Origami wallpaper (pictured) is a perfect example of how this look works, but for something more colourful try Tracy Kendall’s Another Colour [http://www.tracykendall.com], which looks like a series of bright and varied Post-it notes. I’d stick to a feature wall for this type of design – the end of a hallway, outlining a door or in a more central position, behind a dining table or sofa.

Geometric wallpaper Wallpaper trends KG Todd Doors

Image from Kirath Ghundoo http://kirathghundoo.com/wallpaper/



It’s the trend that keeps on giving and it’s going on strong in the world of textiles and ceramics too, making it really easy to create a full-on geometric room should you wish. I like monotone geometrics for wallpaper, which give you plenty of space to bring colours to the situation via furniture, lighting and accessories. Go for a whole room if you want to make a stronger statement, or tone this type of print with your choice of paint for the surrounding walls. Colour-lovers ought to check out this bold Mosaic design by Paris studio Minakani Lab [http://www.minakanilab.com/SUR-MESURE-BESPOKE], which would be great for making a big impact in a small room.


Graphic Botanicals Wallpaper Trends O&L Todd Doors

Image from Osborne & Little http://www.osborneandlittle.com


Graphic botanics

Think nature scenes with an otherworldly slant – a blend of soft fairytale drawings with hard dark lines and bright colours. Graphic Botanics is a little bit abstract and will add a definite, distinctive look to your home. So there are two ways to approach it: Offset it with simple furniture and stick to a monochrome theme all around it, or go strong and mash up with just-as-loud furniture and vintage ceramics in all the colours you can find.


Anaglypta wallpaper Wallpaper trends Rockett St George Todd Doors

Image from Rockett St George http://www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk


Anaglypta comeback

It’s true, Anaglypta is back. Consider using this beneath a dado rail with a smooth painted wall above it. It’s a paper to use if you want a little texture, but feel like the main drama should come from colour. I’d choose darker paint shades for it – black, grey-blues and deep teals – for the most dramatic results.


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