New Metallics: The case for copper, brass and bronze

Metallics are a great way to bring an extra dimension to the home. Like adding a zingy pair of silver brogues to a simple elegant dress – accessorising with metal fittings or objects has the effect of livening things up a bit, with very little effort. But something has happened to the standard metallics trend that has made it about very much more than silver. It probably started in the bathroom with taps, but has followed fast into every other room. What am I talking about? The trend for copper, brass and bronze accents, instead of don’t-need-to-think-about-it chrome. Or as I’m having it, the New Metallics. The idea is that such finishes – once sneered at, I’m talking to you the 1990’s – now bring more warmth and an unexpected modern twist to interiors.

Warm metals on a black background

Those copper and brass candlesticks from H&M are great anyway, but against the almost black of the door? Sizzling. Now picture the more obvious modern choice – chrome – and it changes the whole dynamic. Get the look with this door  painted in Farrow & Ball’s Railings and take your pick of door handles from here  Though I’d gently nudge you towards the brass section of course.




If you’re a sceptic about New Metallics then the idea of a wrap-around gold might knock you over. But the effect of this accessories and lighting collection from Habitat against the matching table and wall finish is to my eye, totally cutting edge. If you want to enter this trend more cautiously, start with the pendant light, which will bring warmer metals into your home in the most subtle way. You can always add to it in time and gradually build up the layers of metal.



Make a statement with your accent metallics

If you do choose to introduce brass lightly, then why not make sure your accessory is a real statement piece, like this luxurious pendant Crystal Bulb light by British designer Lee Broom at John Lewis Again, the designs look great against a dark backdrop for a moody gentleman’s club vibe – but set against a bright colour would create a big impact too. If you can afford it, a cluster of bulbs is hard to beat.



The wire

Finally, the whole of this lighting collection from Sainsbury’s is covetable, not least because it’s so affordable yet looks so high-end. The mixture of fragile wire designs with more solid pieces also means that all of those lights work together, dotted around the different corners of a living room for instance. No need to be too cautious here – if you can, go for it and get the lot. Bling is in.