Lock, Latch or Privacy?

Doors. We pass through lots of them everyday without giving them much thought at all. But every door has been thought about by someone. Which way it opens, how many hinges it has, what size it is and whether or not it needs to be a latch, lock or privacy style.

Doors are not just about allowing people access to rooms, they can also be used to protect your privacy or property through the use of locking mechanisms.

What’s the difference?

The three main types of door control are Latch, Lock and Privacy.

Latch is the most common, they’ll no doubt be all over your house, work place and just about every other building you can think of.  A straightforward latch is designed to allow a door to open and close. Linked directly to the handle or knob of your choice. The catch clicks shut when the door is pushed closed and opens when the handle is operated.

They may be simple but not all latches are equal! A poor quality latch makes itself known by losing functionality fairly quickly – causing the handle to droop and you really having to push down to get the latch to open. Not ideal! The solution is to go for a decent latch and a sprung handle. A sprung handle holds its own weight and helps the latch last longer.

Locks are used when you need a little security. A keyed lock allows you to control who has access to specific rooms in your home.  Keyed locks can be matched to allow you to have one key for every lock in the house. Perfect for keeping youngsters out of utility or tool rooms – or even adding some security to your internal porch or garage entrances.

Like the latch, the lock system can be used with any handle or knob and the look can be finished with a matching pair of escutcheons.

Privacy Locks.

In the past 10 years privacy lock systems have overtaken bolts and keyed locks as the preferred system for using in bathrooms and cloakrooms. The simple reason is safety. Unlike bolts, privacy locks can be accessed from the outside in an emergency.

The new generation of privacy locks are designed to complement any style of handles on the market. So whatever finish of handle you have, there’s a privacy lock to match it perfectly.

These three mechanical systems allow you to choose how your home functions and works. You can even make certain areas or floors in the property available to key holders only.

Controlling the flow of your home is a great way to personalise and protect your property. If you have any questions or queries about any of the mechanisms or the correct accessories just call one of Todd Doors ‘Door Experts’ today.