If our future is digital, how will it affect our homes?

We live in a Digital Age where home automation, digital security and real-time streaming of information are no longer the stuff of fantasy but a practical and useful reality that is at the touch of our fingertips.

It’s an exciting time for all technology lovers. If you look around your house, you will see that almost everything can be controlled digitally through WiFi or Bluetooth. Smart Tech is all around you to make your life easier and more enjoyable. However, with so many possibilities and technical advancements it’s really easy to get confused. Let me guide you through the most exciting innovations you can install in your home.

The power of connection

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Nowadays digital technology enables you to program your home to adapt to your lifestyle and daily routine, ultimately making everyday tasks quicker, easier and more efficient. It is not surprising that many home buyers view a fast broadband connection as more important than a big garden when purchasing a property. Get your home connected today and start enjoying wirelessly controlled security, heating and lighting. And the great thing about it is to be able to adjust your home to your individual needs as the smart system can recognise when you are coming home and automatically unlock your door as you approach and turn the lights on. Soon our homes may know us better than anyone else, which is quite exciting and scary at the same time!

Kickstart your day in style

Are you someone who sings in the shower? Then you will definitely love a Bluetooth shower head which connects to your smartphone or tablet to stream music. It will make you start the day in a great mood singing along to your favourite music. Who knows maybe you will be the next winner of X Factor?!

Become the master chef

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Another great innovation is especially for those who are not great at cooking but would love to impress their family and dinner guests with beautiful homemade dishes. Most modern ovens have a touchscreen but the iChef oven goes one step further. It’s not only an automatic oven but also has a cook-book built in. With the iChef you have 60 dish settings and can program another 150 yourself! Nothing can stop you now from becoming the best chef in your family.

Smart way to save on your energy

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The smart thermostat is one of the best smart home products for saving electricity, plus it’s really easy to use. It gives you more control over your home’s heating and energy usage and will significantly lower your utility bills. You can also go one step further and invest in stylish EvoHome wireless thermostatic radiators to enjoy wireless control over the individual radiators.

Smartly secured

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Nothing is more important than yours and your family’s safety. It’s now possible, a digital security system to monitor your home all the time. No matter where you are – at home, at work, or out in the wilderness – the smart alarm will instantly send you alerts on your smartphone.

Hello from the other side

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Wouldn’t it be great to always know who’s at your front door whether you are at home or away? With the Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell you can see and speak to each visitor on your smartphone. The smart digital bell is connected with your smartphone sending you notification every time someone is at your door and the built in camera allows you to see through the eyes of your doorbell. So you never need to miss your friends’ visit or those all-important deliveries but you can avoid opening the doors to unwanted guests, door to door sales people or strangers.

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