Easy tips for creating a gallery wall

The gallery wall trend has been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s one of the easiest ways to transform a room even if you have no decorating skills and can be as affordable to achieve as you want it to be. I have to confess to having a bit of a thing for old paintings – I’m talking framed prints that can be picked up in junk shops for a fiver, not Rembrandts. So for me making collections and displays of these is an ongoing pleasure – weekends will often find me carrying pictures from one room to another and swapping things around. Here are my tips for different ways to create a gallery wall you’ll love.

Create a collection

To give your ‘gallery’ a coherent feel think about it in terms of a collection. This could be a theme that unites all the pictures – I’m currently trawling charity shops for paintings of flowers and the sea, for two collections I’ve got going. Alternatively it could be the way the pictures are framed. A set of simple black or white frames will unite even the most diverse set of images into something that looks great on the wall.

Image: Ikea (www.ikea.com)

Plan your layout

If you’re hanging your pictures on the wall in a cluster – the easiest way to create a gallery look – then lay them out on the floor beforehand and move the pictures around until you’re happy with the arrangement. You’re not going for strict strait lines – unless that’s what you want, in which case mark everything on the wall with a spirit level first! An easier, cooler look is to jumble up shapes and sizes of picture in a way that fits nicely together. No measuring needed – just use your eye.

Use gallery-style shelves

If, like mine, your collection of pictures gets added to a lot, then gallery shelves are a great feature to add to your room. These shallow shelves have a slim lip on the front edge, letting you prop up pictures – and little ornaments too – and move them around as often as you like. Try Ikea for affordable shelves. One across the length of a wall looks good, or go for three, offset, at different heights.

Image: Fired Earth (www.firedearth.com)

Go floor to ceiling

Really want to make an impact? Then don’t stop at a cluster of pictures, hang them from just above the skirting board to just below the ceiling. Yes, you’ll need to have collected lots of pictures, but the advantage of this all-over effect is that it ties them all together. No need to stick to a theme or framing style – the volume of images will make this a stunning feature in its own right.

 Make the backdrop dramatic

Make a real feature of your artwork by hanging it on a strong backdrop. I have painted a wall in my home black and hung it with large paintings of flowers – the result is much more dramatic than it would be on a white wall. Plus it breaks up the black, so you can be bolder with your paint colour choices.

Image: Ikea (www.ikea.com)

Use a confined space

Hanging lots of pictures in a contained space will look really powerful, and it will also make a feature of an otherwise forgotten space in your home. A downstairs cloakroom, narrow hallway, or up the stairs are all places that can be completely transformed with a gallery display.

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