Creating an ideal nursery

As baby fever sweeps the UK, it couldn’t be a better time to create a nursery fit for your own little prince or princess. Have fun planning your baby’s first room and you can create a cosy, calm, safe and serene space you’ll both love spending time in.

Select the ideal space

It may be obvious which room will become the nursery, but if you are lucky enough to have a choice then think about which room is most quiet and restful. You will also probably want to pick a room that is close to your bedroom, so getting up in the night is as painless as possible, and you can hear what is going on without a baby monitor.

Make a moodboard

Planning a nursery should be one of the most fun and creative bits of being pregnant, so take time to collect images together of rooms, styles, prints and furniture that you really like.

Consider the practicalities

Image from John Lewis
Image from John Lewis

Think about the temperature of the room and make sure that it is neither too hot nor too cold, and can be adjusted as needed. Invest in a blackout blind or curtains so that you can control light levels in the room, and think about the floor too – hard floors are easy to keep clean but a large rug or carpet will not only be warm but soft as well – essential as your baby starts to become mobile.

Keep it calm

Forget blue for boys and pink for girls – soothing, calming colours are the key for both genders. Sunny primrose yellow will create a warm, cheery feel, while a deep blue can be peaceful and cocooning.

Put safety first

If you are buying a new cot it should conform to BS EN 716, a standard that ensures that the cot is deep enough, that the bars are the correct distance apart, and that the cot does not have any dangerous cut-outs or steps. Keep furniture that could be climbed, heaters, lights and any sort of cord well away from the cot area.

Image from
Image from

Leave room to grow

You won’t need reminding that they don’t stay babies for very long, so look for furniture that can grow with your child. Many children’s furniture companies will have cots and other furniture specially designed to expand as your child grows, and these may well be worth an extra investment. The same goes for the décor – if you don’t love stripping wallpaper, then perhaps opt for removable wall stickers rather than traditional wallpaper, which can be swapped for something more ‘grown-up’ in a few years time with minimal redecoration needed.

Mix in some heirlooms

When you’re having a baby people offer you things! From piles of tiny babygrows to cots, Moses baskets and bouncers… Don’t feel obliged to accept everything, but it’s a good idea to leave some room – both stylistically and spacially – in your plans for the odd hand-me-down.

Reserve some space for you

Image from
Image from

Don’t forget that you may well spend as much time in this room as your baby, at first at any rate. Find a comfortable chair with a high back and low arms – the classic ‘nursing chair’ shape – and set aside a cosy corner or spot by the window for it. Add a small side-table with storage so you can reach for the lamp switch, glass of water, phone or other bits and pieces without having to disturb the babe – hopefully – sleeping in your arms.

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