Creative Christmas Door Decorating

The John Lewis advert is out, advent calendars are sneaking onto the shelves, and one of your friends has tried to put some festive songs on. Christmas has arrived once again so it’s time to get decorating.

We’ve scoured the web and found eleven great ideas for decorating your doors this Christmas.

Wreath with Fairy Lights

Christmas Wreath with Fairy Lights

Simple and subtle can often be best. Here we’ve got a straight-forward wreath with just a few fairy lights added for effect. It looks homely, warm, and inviting. If you’re not one for going overboard, this style is for you.

Candy Cane Canning Jar Ring Wreath

Candy Cane Canning Jar Ring Wreath

Want something a little less traditional? This tutorial explains how to create a great looking wreath that breaks the mould. All you need is a few jar lids and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect option for something a bit different without a huge cost.

Snowflakes and a Wreath

Snowflake Wreath Decoration

Another simple approach here. You might have to adjust slightly based your door’s window situation, but nonetheless, it looks great. It’s also a good chance to turn decorating into a family activity as you enlist the help of the kids to make the snowflakes.

Cinematic Magic

The Grinch Christmas Door Decoration

You could also bring a bit of cinema magic into your decorations. It doesn’t have to be the Grinch of course, so you could survey the family and see if there’s a specific film they all like. Then you could work together on making your own themed decorations. Whether it’s Frozen or Die Hard, whatever suits your family is best.

Snowman Door

Snowman Christmas Door Decoration

Christmas is meant to be fun, right? This minimalist but effective design is great for lifting spirits. Who doesn’t wanted to be greeted by a big smiley face every time they leave the house?

Simplistic Snowflake Wreath

Snowflake Wreath Door Decoration

Another simplistic option here and one you can do yourself. It’s nice and easy and you can replicate it with any similar decoration that you like. The tutorial is here, so feel free to get creative with it.

Santa Hat Door Hanging

Hanging Santa Hat - Christmas Door Decoration

A novel use for the Santa’s hat here. If you’ve not got one hanging around the house you can pick one up pretty cheap. Then it’s just a matter of hanging it up with some ribbon. You can stuff it with whatever you like, maybe even a little gift each day for your loved ones to fish out when they get home?

Bauble / Snowman Combination

Snowman Bauble Christmas Door Decoration

We love this impressive bauble/snowman combination. It’s a striking and colourful way to decorate your door and the scarf is a nice detail. Here’s some directions on how to recreate it.

Gift Wrapped Door

Gift Wrapped Door - Christmas Decoration

This one is an easy way to make your door look like a giant Christmas present. You don’t need much to do it, but it’s a fun idea that looks decent. Check out this tutorial on how to replicate it yourself.

Pine Cones on Ribbons

Pine Cone Door Decoration

For a more natural and outdoorsy look, you can make your own pine cone decoration to replace the most traditional wreath. It’s a good excuse to get outside yourself and you’ll end up with a pretty item without much stress.

Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon Wreath Christmas Door Decoration

Another easy-to-execute idea that looks lovely. This ribbon-based wreath is a great replacement for the ones you usually find on people’s doors. Follow the directions here to make your own.

Feeling Inspired?

We would LOVE to see how you decorate your door for Christmas 2016.

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