(Bo)home sweet home

Get the look. Get the door.

If you’ve seen our TV ads then you’ll know how we believe the right door can help you make an entrance. Each week we spotlight a different room in our ad, and give you some ideas on how to create the look. This week we’re looking at bringing the boho lifestyle to your home for those of us who want the natural feel.

The room

Think the organic, homely look. It’s all about the chill. It’s hammocks not hassles, so we’re looking at a style that makes you want to lie down and take the weight off. Plenty of plush, velvety cushions, warm, snuggly blankets, fairy lights and plants galore. The kind of room that twinkles at night and makes you want to curl up to shoot the breeze with friends.

The look

You’re looking to create a feeling of welcome and relaxation, so you’re looking for accessories like large, warm rugs on the floor, along with plenty of pot planted greenery for that natural feel. Chairs and sofas should be deep and comfy, the kind you want to sink into and never get out from. A plain chair is no problem at all as it can always be draped with throws and cushions.

When it comes to colours, think of warm, rustic colours on the floors and walls. Lights should be plentiful and festoon the room. A single row of fairy lights won’t cut the mustard; lights should feel plentiful and generously hung out around the room.

The door

We’ve gone back in time when choosing the right door for this room. Inspired by the traditional, warm woody notes in this space we’ve opted for the Victorian Rustic Oak, with its visible natural grains and four panels featuring inset bead detailing.

The little details

We’ve twinned the classic lines of the Victorian Rustic Oak with the elegant, old-school charm of the Delamain Porcelain model of ceramic door knob. Step back in time when you twist the knob and push the door into your slice of boho heaven.